Equine Riding Lessons and Summer Camps

Ride beautiful Friesian horses in a fun Equine program close to home.

These exquisite horses are yours to enjoy and love.

Have you always wanted to ride horses?  Or are you already an experienced rider? Here’s your chance to learn on beautiful and gentle Friesians in a fun equine program close to home. Our 4-6 week programs are designed with student interests and goals in mind. Learn basic horsemanship English and Western Riding daily care, feeding, grooming, first aid, tack care, trailering, and team building. You’ll also have the chance to work on ground skills, round pen activities, foal care and riding skills. Options for various skill levels are available.

This is a great opportunity for boys and girls ages 6 and up (students must be at least 6 years of age on the day of the first class).  Adults are welcome and parents may take lessons with their child. Families and groups can be accommodated with special arrangements.

Multiple programs can be attended but each has its own charges. Limit of 6 riders per program for individualized attention. You may join a program at any time, but you must attend every weekly session to complete program.


Choose a class from the following options:

1. Never Been Near a Horse

4 weeks – An introduction to horses. Dispel the fear and learn to love these magnificent creatures. – $100.00

2. I Used to Ride

6 week course to renew those old feelings and to get you back in the saddle with confidence and safety.  1 hour class – $300.00

3. Ride with Confidence

6 week course to increase your confidence and riding ability. Will include a trail ride in the Kettle Moraine Forest for your final ride. 1 ½ hours per class. – $390.00

4. My Child Wants a Pony

4 week class to learn about horse care for new owners. How much will it cost to own or lease a horse?  1 hour class – $100.00

5. Young Riders

6 weeks  – allow 6 year olds and up to 16 years old to explore and ride horses. Learn to care and ride. Great for beginners. 1 ½ hour class. 6 years to 10 years $240.00 each – 11 years to 16 years $300.00 each

6. Mother Daughters/Father Sons

6 week lessons to learn to ride or strengthen your old skills. Time spent in the saddle together is great bonding time with the kids. Laugh and learn together. Will include a trail ride in the Kettle moraine Forest. Evening classes offered. 1 ½ hour class. – $300.00 each

7. Morning Camps

Riders spending more time with horses. Equine care and riding. Camp will be one week of camp or one day a week for 5 weeks. 3 hour class. – $750.00 total package

8. Gentleman Basics

So she wants you to ride. Develop skills and confidence to ride with her without the stress of teaching from a partner.  1 ½ hour class. – $60 or 5 for $300.00

9. Horses and Exercise

8 week classes for morning workouts with horses. Practice yoga and stretching using horses. 1 ½ hour classes. – $390.00

10. Scouting Merit Badges

4 weeks – learn animal care and horse skills to earn your badges. – $160.00

Many. Happy. Customers.

My daughter was timid and shy. She now has self-confidence and has blossomed.
It has been such a great experience for my son, I even saddled up and took some lessons myself.
Black Diamond Friesians is a wonderful place to learn to ride. And the horses were so kind and beautiful, my daughter loved it.
The lessons are so educational and fun. My 2 daughters can’t stop talking about it.
Our family decided to take lessons together. What a wonderful bonding experience and the horses were awesome. The kids, my wife and I loved it!

Please contact Black Diamond Friesians to schedule your lessons now. Riding Lessons / Camps run from June until September.

50% DEPOSIT DUE to reserve your spot. Spots cannot be held without payment. Hurry, spaces fill fast. NO REFUNDS.

Please download and fill out the following forms for Riding Lessons / Camps. These forms are mandatory and must be filled out and mailed in prior to starting your lessons.

RIDING LESSON REGISTRATION FORM: (Please click below to download)

RIDER AGREEMENT / IDEMNIFICATION FORM: (Please click below to download)

FRIESIAN HERD EXPERIENCE SURVEY: (Please click below to download)

To get the most from your program, please fill in the survey form.

WHAT TO BRING TO LESSONS: Hat if its Windy or Cold, Long pants, Close Toed Boots or Shoes (NO sandals or flip-flops), Gloves (no mittens)Bug Spray/ Suntan Lotion, Backpack or Carrying Bag, Riding Helmet (if you have one or we will provide you with one if you do not have one) and a bottle of water and/or snack.

At Black Diamond Friesian Ranch, you will be immersed in Friesian education and find out what makes this breed of horse, “The Horse of Your Dreams.”

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S78 W31155 Sugden Road
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Phone: 262-510-8963

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