Equine Assisted Coaching Retreats

Horses have the ability to see through the gray areas of humans. The part where we mix our emotions with our knowledge. We start making a decision and then start second guessing our decision. Or we can’t make a decision because we can’t get our heart or soul into it. Or we freeze and can’t make any decision at all.

Equine assisted coaching allows these Friesian horses to make connections with you. This breed is phenomenal at allowing the heart and spirit of the horse to connect to the heart and soul of people.  If people would listen to their heart, listen to their gut or allow their true instincts to lead them, better decisions would start to unfold in our lives.

As an equine facilitator my goal is to help you connect your true awareness to the heart and soul of horses who can shed light on answers you may be seeking. These sessions are a sacred space for you to see behaviors clearly and act to improve your personal life, happiness, relationships, business and more. Various options are available.

Our lives are full. But we still need a daily consciousness. We need a commitment to our self for awareness, self-care and to be true to ourselves. I will let the horses help you to reconnect the part of you that may have been forgotten. The horses will help you remember who you always were “and still am”.

These Friesian horses will help you to re-awaken spiritually, emotionally and physically. This breed – Friesians- are so talented and aware of human conscious.  They will allow you to open up and reveal and release old beliefs and patterns so you can gain new wisdom and power.

Your transformation will start to happen, sometimes within minutes of meeting with these sacred horses.  But the commitment to grow will be an ongoing process. The wisdom of these Friesian horses is incredible. These horses will help you establish boundaries to protect yourself while growing in leaps and bounds as a positive and loving person.

These Friesian horses will teach you many things. You will learn to harness your emotions, how to develop skills to hone your senses and how to listen to your inner self. (Your heart and your gut instincts).  With the horses as guides, you will get a hands on experience.  The activities with the horses will help you develop new patterns for self-improvement.

Join the herd for an awareness awakening like no other. Start your journey with these wonderful Friesian horses. Various options are available.

Personal Coaching –
1 Day Retreat

This retreat will connect you with the horses immediately.  You will spend the day becoming part of the herd. You will have many interactions with members of the herd to hone your skills on listening to yourself while establishing boundaries.  This workshop is a tool to be used whenever you are feeling that you are losing touch with yourself and others. Can be repeated as needed as there are never 2 experiences alike.

Price: $395.00 per person – 15% discounts can apply for booking 3 or more visits.   ($1007.00)

3 Day Retreat –
Individuals & Groups

First day starts as 12:00p.m.  The first day with an introduction to the horses of the herd. Followed by a dinner and group meeting. Then 2 full days of hands on with the herd starting at 8:30 each day. Multiple experiences with the herd along with group discussions. Closing around 5:00 depending upon weather.  This retreat can include evening horse chores for those who need those Friesian “Kisses” at the end of day 2.

Includes dinner the first night and healthy snacks. Lunches, other dinners and lodging is on your own.

Price: $1395.00 per person

5 Day Retreat

This includes everything that’s in the 3 Day Retreat plus natural horsemanship riding skills and private coaching. (More information will be sent after registration, or feel free to call us for more information).

Price: $1995.00 per person

Some lodging on the ranch is available. Limited availability.
Private accommodations for a full 24 hour experience.

Please call 262-510-8963 to Schedule Your Retreat!

7 Day Retreats
and Corporate Retreats are also available, call for more details.

At Black Diamond Friesian Ranch, you will be immersed in Friesian education and find out what makes this breed of horse, “The Horse of Your Dreams.”

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