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Where horse’s help heal people.

Find out what makes this breed of horse, “The Horse of Your Dreams.”

There is real and palpable magic to be experienced when spending time with Friesian horses. As if straight out of a fairytale, these incredible creatures are beautiful, noble, intelligent and friendly. Beyond that, they have what many call an extra sense for knowing exactly what we as humans need to heal emotionally and spiritually.

Friesian Herd Experience delivers programs that connect people with these wonderful horses. In association with Black Diamond Friesian Ranch, home to the largest number of special Red and Red Carrier Friesians, we provide on-site equine therapy experiences to guests in need of peace and healing. We invite you to come meet and learn about these horses as you explore alternative ways to solve problems.

Black Diamond Friesian Ranch Programs

Find out what makes this breed of horse, “The Horse of Your Dreams.”

There’s something for every horse lover at Friesian Herd experience. We have all ages of horses to enjoy who are just waiting to give you your Friesian “KISS.” Come for the education and enjoy the LOVE and KNOWLEDGE only these special horses can offer!

Friesian horses are not like any other breed if horse…

• Friesians are soulful and smart. • They can read people and our emotions more than any other animals I have ever been around. • Friesians know exactly what you need even before you know you need it.


At Black Diamond Friesian Ranch, you will be immersed in Friesian education and find out what makes this breed of horse, “The Horse of Your Dreams.”

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